Lowering the expenses of commercial cleaning

Hiring a commercial cleaning service is one of the most overlooked aspects to owning a business housed in a building. Although some businesses are able to get away with on staff janitors or custodians, most buildings will need to have a commercial cleaning company come in and deep clean at least a few times a year. For many businesses, commercial cleaning needs to be hired to clean multiple times a week. It is very important that buildings remain clean when you own a business, as many studies have linked dirty and unsanitary working conditions to lower productivity in employees. One of the most obvious aspects of not keeping a clean building is also the high rate at which your employees get sick. That is why it’s important to not only hire on staff janitors, but also employ some type of commercial cleaning service as well.

Commercial cleaning can get pricey, however, and many businesses struggle to find a place in their budget to afford good quality commercial cleaning. If you are struggling to afford the commercial cleaning service you currently hire, it is important to follow these steps in budgeting for cleaning services. 

One of the most obvious steps to finding a more affordable cleaning service is to switch over from the service you currently employ. If the commercial cleaning company you currently hire costs too much money, start to request quotes from other commercial cleaning businesses in your area. When requesting these quotes, however, there are some important things that you need to ask for. Make sure to check over all hidden prices and fees that could be included in the commercial cleaning service. Many commercial cleaning companies charge more for one time cleaning fees, such as stains made to carpeting or furniture. It’s important to discuss the prices of such fees, as you don’t want to have a sudden fee that you can’t afford after already hiring the service. Along with that, make sure that the company uses cleaning supplies that are within your price range. Most commercial cleaning companies will include the price of the cleaning products in the total cost, so make sure that the cleaning products used are ones that you can afford. Some companies offer the use of eco-friendly cleaners as opposed to harsher chemical cleaners, and although this may sound like an intriguing option, it’s not something you want to go with if you are trying to save money. Many of these eco-friendly cleaners are far more expensive than regular cleaners, so you will most likely want to switch to regular cleaners if you are on a tight budget. 

Keeping a clean building is incredibly important, and with the help of this article, you can find commercial cleaning that is affordable and within your budget. Don’t let cost prevent you from having a safe and clean business building. 

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