Commercial cleaning companies come to Milwaukee

Antibiotic resistant infections are occurring at a rapid rate this year. According to a report done by the CDC, over 2.8 million of these antibiotic resistant infections occur every year, with tens of thousands of people dying as a result of these infections. Every fifteen minutes, someone in America dies due to an antibiotic resistant infection. This is one of the major causes of cleaning companies flocking to major cities in the U.S., including Milwaukee, Wisconsin. One of these companies, Enviro-master, is one of the commercial cleaning companies flocking to another big city like Milwaukee. Spokespeople of the company state that this rise in infections and viruses is something that could be directly prevented if we keep our areas clean. Commercial cleaning services can help keep these areas clean. A lot of these viruses and bugs are transmitted in common areas that many people touch, such as phones in offices, door handles, public restrooms, and even the eating areas of restaurants. Commercial cleaning services can be hired to keep these areas of businesses clean and safe for people to touch. Many of these diseases would be prevented if companies simply hired high quality commercial cleaning companies to keep their buildings clean. This is especially important in buildings like restaurants, which can transmit infections not only from employee to employee, but also from employee to customer. Public restrooms in restaurants must also be carefully cleaned as to not transmit infections from one customer to another.

On the matter of keeping public restrooms clean, an Enviro-master spokesperson said, “We are not trying to cause alarm, but it’s riskier than ever to venture into the confines of a public restroom or one in your workplace that’s shared by many.”

As more commercial cleaning companies flock to big cities like Milwaukee, hopefully it will become a cleaner and safer city.

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