How to afford commercial cleaning services

As budget cuts sweep into the corporate world, many businesses are expected to lower costs of the many services they employ, including commercial cleaning. However, any business owner knows that keeping a clean and sanitary environment is one of the most important aspects to managing a business. Without a clean environment, your employees productivity and health will be negatively affected. As someone who values the health of their employees, keeping a cleaning service is of the utmost importance. This means cutting the costs of the commercial cleaning service you employ is crucial. 

One of the most drastic changes you can make is by switching over to a different commercial cleaning provider. Sometimes is your business, you can afford the luxury of regular, intensive deep cleans. However, when trying to just keep your company afloat, you may need to settle for a company that gets the job done but may not give you the extra frills a more expensive company can. By switching over to another provider, you could majorly cut down on costs for commercial cleaning services. When switching to another provider, it’s important to get specific quotes from each company, and compare each one to each other, relative to how much work each company is doing. Even though you are looking for cheap prices, that doesn’t mean that you should allow yourself to be ripped off. Make sure that although a company is giving you a cheaper overall price, it won’t be sacrificing the main components of cleaning that you need to have done on your building. This is why it is important to be clear when asking for a quote from a commercial cleaning company.

If you don’t want to completely switch over to a new commercial cleaning company, as it is a long and difficult process, you may want to reconsider different aspects of what the current cleaning company you employ does. If your building can stand to have the windows cleaned every other week as opposed to every week, you may want to switch over to that. There are many other hidden fees that may be applied to the end of your cleaning bill, such as product fees and one-time maintenance fees. Negotiate with the commercial cleaning company you employ to see if you can get any of these fees lowered and make sure that they are truly using all of the products and services they are billing you for. If this doesn’t work out, it may be time to switch to a new commercial cleaning provider. 

Clean buildings are incredibly important, don’t let a tight budget keep you from hiring a commercial cleaning service!

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