Jan-Pro In Hot Water With Commercial Cleaning Employees

Jan-Pro is a commercial cleaning company that recently landed in hot water with many of their California contractors due to apparent lies about their business model. Contractors were told that by purchasing a part of the Jan-Pro franchise, they would be able to create their own subsect of the Jan-Pro commercial cleaning company, with no prior experience in the area. This was the case for Jerry Vasquez, who paid $5,000 dollars to purchase a part of the franchise. HE was promised that he would be the owner of his own company and start making money through managing employees for a commercial cleaning service. Little did he know, Vasquez was actually just signing on to become a contractor for the Jan-Pro commercial cleaning company, not an actual owner of his own business. 

David Weil, dean of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and former Labor Department wage-and-hour chief had this to say on the matter, “The economics undermine the whole set up and make it difficult for the franchisee to essentially operate like an independent business. That’s why it’s a suspect form of franchising. When it comes down to it, they are nothing but employees. The premise of the business model is so flawed.”

Jan-Pro is a professional cleaning company that is employed to clean everything from schools and churches to offices and banks. The actual cleaning crews, however, are made of of these so called “franchise owners”, not employees. They aren’t actually franchise owners, however, and are more similar to hourly paid workers than an actual franchise owner.

They do, however, have some freedom. This includes being able to choose the hours they work and also deny jobs that they don’t want to do. This, however ,is not enough for some of the franchise owners in Jan-Pro, as many are currently reeling against this form of employment. Some, however, have found success within the system and have been able to create their own base of cleaning crew workers through the Jan-Pro franchise system. Ultimately, it’s up to franchise owner to be able to work with in the system and find success.

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