Sick Coworkers? Time To Hire A Commercial Cleaning Service

As we enter the heart of flu season these cold winter months, germs are going to spread like wildfire across your workspace. Antibiotic resistant strains of infections, according to the CDC, have been in the tens of thousands, with many people even dying due to them. In order to keep yourself and your employees safe from these dangerous illnesses, be sure to hire a commercial cleaning crew to keep the workspace clean. Without a cleaning crew regularly coming into your building and sanitizing the surfaces, your employees will continue to get sick. Along with illness rising in dirty and unkempt building and offices, productivity levels also largely decrease in building that aren’t regularly cleaned. 

In a recent survey done by Stratus Building Solutions, employees surveyed in an office environment stated that they have seen multiple unsanitary acts being taken by their coworkers. 61% of the employees that were surveyed said that they have witnessed coworkers leaving the bathroom without washing their hands multiple times. Regardless of washing your hands after going to the bathroom, washing your hands in general regularly is a very important step that employees need to take in order to keep everyone in the office happy and healthy. Since many people will not follow basic hygiene, other employees’ health will be affected. In order to keep the majority of your employees healthy, you will need to hire a commercial cleaning service to take care of any areas that are hot spots for bacteria and virus accumulation. This includes door handles, the office bathroom, faucets, levator buttons, office kitchens, and other areas.

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