As the coronavirus crisis begins to die down in America, businesses and restaurants are going to soon open up again. Some cities and states have already put requirements on local businesses and how clean they must be. Milwaukee may be soon to follow with guidelines on how clean your office or restaurant has to be to stay open.

Although the coronavirus has led to a mass shutdown of businesses and therefore a lack of work for commercial cleaning services, commercial cleaning businesses are expected to bounce back very well as coronavirus restrictions begin to be lifted. Offices and restaurants will have to be much cleaner than they were before coronavirus. Restaurants in particular have new restrictions being placed on them by many different cities and states. For example, St Louis has released new coronavirus restrictions for restaurants that include the requirement for heavy sanitization of all surfaces in the building. All surfaces that are touched will need to be wiped down with an EPA approved disinfectant and sanitizing solution.

As you can see, this will lead to a change in how commercial cleaning companies go about cleaning. Instead of using just a simple multi-purpose cleaner, commercial cleaning crews will now have to use disinfectant sprays much more often. Areas of an office or restaurant will also not be able to be skipped, all surfaces must be cleaned, especially door handles, light switches, and other areas that are frequently touched.

Commercial cleaning crews will probably have to visit the same businesses more often than they used to as the buildings will need more regular cleaning. Businesses will also most likely also have to keep sanitizing stations and disinfectant wipes throughout their business area in order to keep the coronavirus at bay.

If you are a commercial office cleaning business or work in other janitorial services, expect to see a boost in business as restrictions are lifted in Milwaukee.

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