When you own a building, it’s important to get it cleaned regularly. Each type of building has its own unique way it needs to be cleaned, however. You wouldn’t want your restaurant to be cleaned in the same way an office is cleaned and vice-versa. It’ important to discuss the types of cleaning that you would like to be done with your commercial cleaning provider. In this article, we will talk about some of the different types of commercial cleaning services you could hire.

A newer aspect of commercial cleaning that some companies offer is “green cleaning” This type of cleaning differs from regular commercial cleaning in multiple ways. Green cleaning will not utilize the harsh chemicals standard cleaning does. Many companies that use green cleaning will use primarily organic cleaning products. These companies do this because they are taking into account the health of the people surrounded by these cleaning supplies and also the health of the environment. ALthough green cleaning may sound appealing health wise, it is also more expensive to hire a green cleaning company over a traditional cleaning company. This is a factor that should be taken into account when searching for a commercial cleaning company. 

Another type of specialized cleaning that may be offered by a commercial cleaning company is “secure cleaning”. This type of cleaning deals with the cleanliness of high security buildings. Government buildings, banks, and even some types of offices contain information that cannot be seen by the public eye. Commercial cleaning companies will use specially vetted cleaning crews to perform these jobs in order to keep the information safe from the public eye.

Another specialized type of cleaning is post-construction cleaning. This cleaning has to be specialized for the job. After construction has taken place on a building, there will be many areas that are dirty and beyond the pay-grade for general commercial cleaning. This is when you would utilize post-construction cleaning.

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