If you are an employee of a commercial cleaning company or if you own a commercial cleaning company, you know that the backbone of your work is the cleaning crew, and the supplies used. If you don’t have an adequate cleaning crew, you won’t be able to provide a good service. However, no matter how good your cleaning crew is, the buildings you cleaned won’t smell or appear clean unless you are using good equipment and products. Using good cleaning products will also help your crew have an easier and faster time cleaning the buildings.

One of the best disinfectant cleaners is the Lysol concentrate disinfectant. This cleaner will make sure that the surfaces cleaned with it will not only appear clean, but will be thoroughly disinfected as well. Some cleaners will make the surface you clean with them appear clean, but won’t fully disinfect the surface, making it not technically clean. This Lysol disinfectant cleaner, however, is a hospital-grade cleaner, meaning that it is one of the most intensive cleaners on the market at the moment. This disinfectant is classified as a germicide, which means that is is able to fully remove all dust, fungus, mold, organic matter, mildew, bacteria, and viruses.

One of the best mop heads that can be used in your cleaning services is the Rubbermaid Mop Head. This mop head is a commercial-grade mop head that is eco-friendly, durable, and affordable. It will last a long time and when it does eventually deteriorate, it will not cost a fortune to replace. It’s also very effective in reducing the amount of odor in a building through manual removal.

By using these cleaning products, you will be able to provide some of the best services to your commercial cleaning customers!

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