Providing quality commercial cleaning and janitorial services to the Milwaukee area is a tough job. Although it may seem easy to outsiders, there are many things a commercial cleaning crew needs to take into account when cleaning the buildings they work at. There are a multitude of tips and trips that you pick up on the job, in this article we’re going to list out a few that may assist you in your commercial cleaning job.

Although every commercial cleaner has their general tool kit consisting of rubber gloves, multipurpose cleaning, and microfiber cloths, there are some products you may want to add to your kit that could help in your commercial cleaning job. One of these products is alcohol. A great disinfectant, alcohol can be used for a multitude of things. Some less intuitive uses for alcohol, however, include using it on mirrors and using it on metal fixtures. Using alcohol on a microfiber cloth to wipe down mirrors and glass can get rid of any hazy smudges and produce sparkly, perfectly clean mirrors. Alcohol can also be used to rub away and spots from metal fixtures. Simply apply the alcohol to one of your microfiber cloths and scrub away any spots that you see.

Another tip to help you while cleaning a commercial area revolves around carpet cleaning. If you are cleaning a dry spot off of a carpet, your first instinct may be to grab some multipurpose cleaner and a rag and start scrubbing away at the spot. However, in the case of a dry stain, you’re going to want to vacuum over the area first. This will remove any of the dry dirt and dust surrounding the area and allow you to then directly attack the stain.

With these tips, hopefully you will be able to more effectively clean your business areas!

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