If you own a commercial kitchen cleaning service in Milwaukee, you know just how dirty commercial kitchens can get. Dirt, grime, and food build up all lead to a very difficult and time consuming job cleaning them up. In order to effectively clean a commercial kitchen, here are some tools that may help in the process.

The first tool you will need will be the most obvious, protective gloves. The best types of protective gloves for a kitchen cleaning job are rubber protective gloves. As you work around the many utensils and machines in a commercial kitchen, you don’t want to snag your glove and have it rip open. To prevent this, make sure to use heavy duty reliable rubber gloves. Make sure you use a separate pair of gloves if you’re also cleaning other areas of the building, or be sure to properly disinfect and sanitize the gloves in between rooms.

You will also need to keep a bladed griddle scraper handy.This will help you cut through all of the grime that builds up in ovens, on griddles, and on grill tops. If you’re working on a particularly dirty and grimy grill top and can’t scrape all of the grease off, feel free to use a non-solvent degreaser to loosen the greasy grime. If your degreaser is not food safe, be sure to thoroughly clean the area with a food safe cleaner, such as vinegar and water, and remove any traces of the degreaser. You do not want to unintentionally contaminate food and get customers sick.

Another product you’ll want if you’re cleaning commercial kitchens is a food safe polish. Many commercial kitchens utilize metal counter tops. In order to get a nice shiny finish, you will want to keep these surfaces polished. A food safe polish is needed so that cooks don’t need to worry about food touching the surface of their workstations. 

Hopefully these products will help you and your commercial kitchen cleaning service clean commercial kitchens more quickly and more efficiently!

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