Whether you work in commercial office cleaning or janitorial services, it’s important to know how to do your job well. Clients are paying you to thoroughly disinfect and clean the area, so knowing exactly how to do so is key to doing a good job.

Each area within a building will have things specific to that area that will need to be cleaned. For example, if you are cleaning an office, the kitchen will have coffee pots, dishes, sinks, and microwaves that will all need to be cleaned in a unique way. However, there are some basics to cleaning that you will need to follow for every room. These basics and precautions will ensure that you are not only doing the job well, but you are protecting yourself from any dangerous pathogens that may have collected in the area.

To begin your job, it’s important to wear proper protective gear. For a basic cleaning job, you will want to have close-toed shoes and rubber or latex gloves. With this protection, you will be prepared to clean bathrooms, kitchens, common areas, and other areas that don’t require specific protective gear. If this is the first time you are cleaning a new client’s building and it has collected a large amount of dust, you may want to bring a facemask to wear while vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting to prevent discomfort. 

After donning all of the necessary equipment, you will need to make sure that you have a caddy to transfer your cleaning supplies throughout the building. Each building is unique, and you may have to utilize different caddies for different buildings. For example, if you are cleaning a multi-floor office that has a bathroom upstairs and kitchen downstairs, you may want to have separate detachable caddies that will allow you to carry your bathroom cleaning supplies and kitchen cleaning supplies separately. 

Some of the cleaning supplies that you will need for general commercial cleaning will include: a dust rag, disinfectant spray, cleaning rags, a vacuum or broom, and a mop. Some clients will also expect you to refill soap, replace paper towel rolls, and replace toilet paper. You do not need to provide these items for your client, only do the job of refilling or replacing. If your client expects this to be done, be sure to start out the job by checking all of these areas and replacing supplies as needed. After completing this step, it’s important to spray down the entire area with a basic disinfectant spray. Most disinfectant sprays need to sit for a few minutes to fully clean the area, so take this time to check the area for any trash and empty any of the trash cans. After you have waited a few minutes, wipe off the disinfectant spray. Now you can spot clean or treat areas that need extra special cleaning. Some of these areas would include phone keypads, toilets, and kitchen appliances. After disinfecting and dusting the appropriate areas, sweep, vacuum, or mop the floors of the area. 

Before leaving a job, be sure to double check to make sure the area is completely clean. Straighten up any decor, tidy up communal working areas, and be sure that all surfaces are completely clean. By following this easy guide to cleaning, you will have the best cleaning service in Milwaukee!

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