Commercial cleaning is a very large industry. Every commercial building needs to be cleaned, and there are many companies that will handle the cleaning of these buildings. Commercial cleaning companies will be hired by many different types of business owners to clean many different types of areas. Some of the different types of cleaning services that can be provided include things such as window cleaning, environmentally friendly cleaning, and other specialized cleaning services. Most companies cover basic commercial cleaning services, however, with only a few providing the specialized services. Each cleaning company will use different types of chemicals and equipment to clean the areas they are hired to sanitize. Each of the cleaners and equipments will be specialized particularly for that type of job. A commercial cleaning provider will not sue the same types of cleaners in a hospital or clinic as they will in a school or restaurant. Each of these buildings has a particular way they need to be cleaned that the company will provide. 

Some of the most basic cleaning services that will be provided by a commercial cleaning service includes the routine cleaning of partition walls, floors, tiles, internal walls, suspended ceilings, lighting fixtures, furniture, deep cleansing of bathrooms and other washing facilities, window cleaning, cleaning of kitchen areas, telephones, and many other cleaning services.

Workers in the commercial cleaning industry tend to not be paid large salaries. This is due to the competitiveness of the commercial cleaning industry. Employees of large commercial cleaning companies and members of extensive cleaning crews will be more likely to receive higher pay than someone who works as a janitor, however. Hiring a cleaning company can be more expensive than hiring a custodian or janitor, but often times it is worth it due to the consistent good quality cleaning your building receives.

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