If you are looking into providing commercial cleaning or janitorial services in the West Allis, Wisconsin area, there are some important things to consider. Each commercial cleaning job is different, and commercial cleaning jobs describe a wide range of cleaning jobs. Along with this, you need to look at the job outlook, education requirements, and average salary range to see if this job is right for you.

To begin, commercial cleaning and janitorial services can be very different depending on who your employer is and what they are looking for. Commercial cleaning services usually entail a crew of professional cleaners regularly cleaning an area once or a few times a week. The cleaning is usually done when there are no employees in the area. Commercial cleaning services usually service offices and other buildings. People who provide janitorial services, however, will often work at the same time employees or people are in the area. They will also work at the same building every day, as opposed to working in multiple locations every day like a commercial cleaning service may do. Janitors also often work alone or with a few other janitors on staff. 

To work on a commercial cleaning crew or as a janitor, you do not need a high level of education. Although some commercial cleaners have a bachelor’s degree or higher, the majority of commercial cleaners have a high school education or less. This makes commercial cleaning the perfect career if you don’t want to or can’t pursue secondary education. Commercial cleaning also has a high turnover rate, meaning that new jobs are constantly available. There is also a large amount of part-time commercial cleaning work available. Although the salary of a commercial cleaner usually starts out at around $904 a week, there is a lot of room for your salary to grow as you gain experience in the field.

If commercial cleaning or janitorial services looks like a good career fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact local cleaning services and apply for a job!

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