Commercial cleaning services and janitorial services is one of many physically demanding jobs. Anyone in a commercial cleaning crew or anyone who works in janitorial services knows that there are many areas that are difficult to clean, making the job take a lot longer than it needs to. In order to quickly and effectively clean the building you work in, here are some product recommendations to help you through the job!

Have you ever been cleaning a bathroom or classroom and had to remove some sort of sticker or other other adhesive? Has gum or other materials ever been stuck to the floor or walls of the room you are cleaning, forcing you to have to sit there and attempt to scrape it all away? If you encounter this problem regularly, getting an adhesive removing liquid will help you through the job. Adhesive removers melt away the goo of whatever has stuck to the surface you’re cleaning, letting you simply wipe away the mess. These adhesive removers come in spray bottles, aerosol cans, and even just jugs that you can use with a rag. 

Another tricky area in commercial cleaning can be commercial kitchen cleaning. With all of the foods and oils used in the kitchen, it can be difficult to scrape away all of that grime. If you need to turn this hour long job into something that takes only a few minutes, be sure to add a non-solvent degreaser to your cleaning kit. Simple Green provides an excellent non-solvent degreaser that allows you to immediately wipe away any grease and grime that has built up in the area.

With the help of these two products, your Waukesha/Menomonee Falls cleaning business will be one of the highest in demand in the area. You will be able to effectively clean any area, and with the help of these two products, do it quickly as well.

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