As the novel coronavirus sweeps our nation, commercial cleaning will be changed forever. Many businesses are seeking commercial cleaners to keep their buildings clean and slow the spread of coronavirus. Within the industry of commercial cleaning, clients are now requesting different types of commercial cleaning as well. According to George Davis, a commercial cleaning services business owner, “Before, with most of my clients I had a regular schedule of general cleaning; now, most of the offices have closed to the general public and to much of the staff. The clients want more sanitizing services designed to kill any germs or bacteria that could cause illness. Nearly all of them are scheduling a deep cleaning for before they reopen.”

Although more businesses have closed and do not need their regular commercial cleaning services during the coronavirus quarantine, the commercial cleaning industry is expected to boom once quarantine is over. Once business owners are allowed to open up, they’ll have to have much stricter cleanliness guidelines in order to stay open. As Davis mentioned, cleaning crews are expected to provide more sanitizing services instead of just general cleaning. Cleaning crews will most likely have to switch from multi-purpose cleaners to disinfectant cleaners.

In regards to product switches and the changes to the cleaning industry Davis also stated that “Clients are asking more questions about everything from the techniques to the products we use. We have made some changes. For example, we used to use cleaning rags that were color-coded for how we used them—red for certain jobs, blue for certain jobs and green for others. Now we use every cloth just once and throw it away.”

As you can see, multiple things will have to change in the commercial cleaning industry post-coronavirus. As Milwaukee starts moving out of quarantine, we’re going to start seeing the effects of this virus on our cleaning industries. Although it may not last, the commercial cleaning and janitorial services industry will experience a lot more business as we begin to open up again.

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