When you work as a commercial office cleaner, or even are just someone who is cleaning their own residential home, there will be areas that are hard to reach and difficult to clean. If you’re struggling to clean these out of reach spaces in your West Allis home or office, check out some of these tips to reach those high up spaces!

One of the most common hard to reach areas is ceiling fans and light fixtures. Many people feel the need to use a ladder to try to reach this area, but there is a different and easier way to do this. If you regularly have trouble reaching light fixtures and ceiling fans, you may want to invest in an extendable duster. These dusters can be used on shelves and other easy to reach areas, but can also be extended to reach the tops of ceiling fans and light fixtures. If you don’t have an extendable duster, you can also attach a damp microfiber cloth to a mop head or broom. This can offer an even better clean as well, as the dampness of the cloth can pick up more dust. 

If you choose to purchase an extendable duster, make sure you purchase one with a swivel head that will allow you to reach every nook and cranny in the corners of ceilings or above hard to reach cabinets. 

If there is a large amount of dust on top of the cabinets or ceiling you are cleaning, or even old cobwebs, you may also want to purchase a hose attachment for your vacuum cleaner. Although the hose attachment may not be able to suck up all of the dust and grime, it will remove a large amount of it. This will make it easier for you when you go in with your damp cloth or extendable duster.

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