Providing commercial cleaning or janitorial services across Milwaukee can be a tough job. Getting the job done will require a good work ethic and the ability to provide quality services. When cleaning across multiple types of buildings and areas, it can be difficult to make sure you’re cleaning each type of area appropriately. Within this article, we are going to focus on what commercial kitchen cleaning is and what products you will need to do it effectively. 

Many offices have a kitchen where employees can warm up their packed lunches, make coffee, or stash snacks. As you can assume, the way to commercially clean a kitchen is very different from the way to clean a bathroom or other area of a building. However, there are some ways it can overlap. You probably won’t need to buy an entirely new set of kitchen cleaning supplies and can most likely rely on a lot of the supplies you already have. A basic disinfectant spray can be used across the board for any area that you clean, along with the microfiber clothes and paper towels that you should be keeping in your cleaning kit. You can also use basic latex gloves to protect your hands while cleaning a kitchen. When cleaning a kitchen and bathroom within the same job, be sure that you don’t use the same pair of gloves. Heavy duty rubber gloves are much better for cleaning bathrooms. Stick to simple latex for the kitchen, unless the kitchen looks particularly dirty and you’ll have to handle rotten food or garbage that was left behind. 

Along with a disinfectant spray, cloths, and gloves you may want to have non-cellulose sponges on hand as well. These sponges don’t harbor bacteria and can be perfect for fitting in the small cracks and crevices kitchens tend to have. Having a sponge handy will also help if your employer expects you to clean up after any dishes that may be left in the sink.

As long as you have the correct products and the right work ethic, any kitchen you clean will look sparkling new by the time you’re done! Always be sure to stay stocked up on all of your products so you can use as much as necessary and keep the area looking spotless. 

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