Quality commercial cleaning can be hard to come by. If you are a business owner, you know the importance of having a good cleaning crew. You don’t want your employees to have to use a dirty kitchen or bathroom. Having a clean office area is also imperative to your employees health, a clean office will result in less employees taking sick days.

However, not all commercial cleaning services are properly cleaning your business area. In order to make sure that your commercial cleaning service is doing what you pay them to, check out these key areas that reveal how well your commercial cleaning service is actually cleaning.

One of the first areas to check in your office is under and behind trash cans and desks. These areas may not seem important, but a lot of dust can collect under and behind these areas, leading to allergy problems and general dirtiness throughout your office. Of course, some amount of dust accumulation is natural. However, if there is a thick layer of dust behind all trash cans and desks, this might be a sign you need to switch commercial cleaning crews.

Another area to check is windows and glass items throughout the office. These areas can accumulate many pathogens as people cough, sneeze, and touch them throughout the day. That means that they need to be cleaned very well to keep your employees healthy. If you can see smudges or fingerprints on windows and glass, this may be a sign they aren’t washing them properly.

Lastly, check around light switches and door handles for general grime build up. It’s amazing how dirty these areas can get so quickly. They also harbor some of the most bacteria and pathogens in an office or work space, as people are constantly touching them. If your cleaning crew has allowed visible dirt and grime to build up in these areas, it’s probably time to hire a new cleaning crew.

If you have noticed these dirty areas with your current cleaning crew, don’t hesitate to check out other commercial office cleaners in the Milwaukee area and switch today!

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