Commercial and janitorial cleaning can be a very difficult job. From hard to reach places to difficult to remove grime, there are certain tricks that you need to learn to master the skill of effective cleaning. Within this article, we’ll go over a couple tricks you may want to implement in your commercial cleaning or janitorial service.

When it comes to commercial kitchen cleaning, many cleaning crews recognize that the kitchen can be one of the hardest areas to clean in a building. With all of the food and oil being used and constantly spilled, you’ll have to cut through a lot of grime to keep it clean. A big problem a lot of restaurants and commercial kitchens have is the dreaded sticky floor. Coming into contact with a sticky floor is enough to have some customers immediately walk out. Having a sticky floor in the kitchen is not appropriate either, as it shows there is general dirtiness throughout the building. Sometimes, however, simply mopping is not enough to get rid of a sticky floor. If this is the case, your cleaning crew may want to utilize a special vacuum and mop combo system. These systems simultaneously mop the floor and suck up the dirty water into a compartment in the machine. This way, you aren’t simply wiping the dirt around on the floor as you would with a regular mop, or having to constantly switch out dirty mop water. Instead, you are thoroughly cleaning the floor in one pass, making the kitchen cleaning overall and allowing you to clean it in a quicker manner.

Another tip for commercial cleaning is to keep an extendable cleaning brush in your kit. Some areas of bathrooms, offices, kitchens, and other areas of the building can be incredibly hard to reach. High up vents, ceiling fans, and behind kitchen equipment can be difficult to reach but must be cleaned. Use an extendable cleaning brush with disinfectant to wipe down all of these areas and thoroughly clean them.

By using these two tricks to help with your commercial cleaning or janitorial service, you’ll be able to service any building in the Milwaukee area!

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