Cross contamination is a huge deal in commercial office cleaning! There is a proper way to clean an office, and an improper way to clean it. Cleaning an office in the wrong way can lead to cross contamination and pathogen spreading. Both of these things are not something you want in the offices you are cleaning, and if your boss sees you cleaning improperly, you might lose your job.

In order to clean an office properly, you need to know how and when to clean certain rooms and items. Most offices have both a kitchen, bathroom, and main cubicle area. It should go without saying that you should not use the same tools to clean the bathroom as you do the kitchen. Your cleaning kit should have a separate set of sponges, cloths, and other cleaning material for both the kitchen and the bathroom. Cleaning both rooms with the same cleaning material will lead to cross contamination between the rooms, bringing bacteria and pathogens from the bathroom into the kitchen and vice-versa. 

Although you shouldn’t use the same materials to clean the bathroom and kitchens of offices, it’s totally okay to use the same cleaning liquids. Bleach, multipurpose cleaner, and degreasers are all cleaning supplies that can be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom. If the cleaning product doesn’t come into direct contact with the kitchen or bathroom, it should be safe to use in both rooms at a time.

Even if you are not using the same products for the kitchen, bathroom, and main area of the office, it’s important to regularly switch out or clean the sponges and clothes you are using within the room. Just because you are only using a sponge in the bathroom does not mean you should use the same sponge the entire time. After cleaning the toilets, for example, your sponge will be visibly dirty and you should not go and clean the sinks with the same one. 

By following these rules for cleanliness in commercial office cleaning, your commercial office cleaning crew will be one of the best crews in Milwaukee!

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