When you’re hiring janitorial services or commercial cleaning services in the Waukesha area, there are important things to look for in the quality of the work. When you pay for your business area or offices to be cleaned, you want to make sure that they are being cleaned properly. To make sure that you have hired a good quality and professional cleaning service, there are certain things you’re going to want to look into.

Before you even get to the point of hiring a cleaning service, you should always look online or in person for reviews of the company or crew you’re considering hiring. One of the best ways to hire a commercial cleaning crew is to have them recommended by another business owner you know. If your cleaning crew has been recommended by another business owner, you may want to ask to see the office or building the crew has cleaned and judge for yourself whether the job was done well.

However, if you are already past the stage of looking and reviewing and asking for recommendation of a cleaning crew, there are still ways you can make sure your cleaning crew is doing a good job. Although your cleaning crew is made up of people who inevitably will make mistakes, you want to make sure that they are actually doing the job you have asked of them.

Some business owners opt to have security cameras that monitor the crew and make sure that they are doing the job properly and not wasting company money. However, this can be seen as invasive. If you mostly trust your crew, there are other ways to make sure that they are doing a good job. Good places to check if your crew is thoroughly cleaning your office building are in vents, in the corners of rooms, above ceilings fans, and under any railings or door handles. Each one of these areas can present problems if not cleaned properly. Dust can gather in vents, on ceiling fans, and other decor. Make sure that your crew is doing a good job by checking the dust content of the surfaces after they have cleaned. If there’s still a thick layer of dust, your crew may be skipping some of the work you are paying for. Dirt and grime can also accumulate under railings and door knobs, harboring pathogens that can make your employees sick. Be sure to check these areas as well.

If these areas are clean, it’s safe to assume that your cleaning crew is doing a very good job cleaning your office or building, and there is little reason to continuously monitor them while they clean.

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