There is a very clear difference between residential and commercial cleaning services. Some people who hire professional cleaners to their homes or businesses don’t know the difference between the two. Sometimes people know that there’s a difference, but get this difference mixed up and believe that commercial cleaning is something that it is not. Many people mistake commercial cleaning as being a more thorough service than residential cleaning. This is not the case. Although industrial items termed “commercial” vs “residential” may perform better, this is not the same thing for cleaning services. Commercial cleaning services are not more in depth than residential cleaning services.

Commercial cleaning services are designed for businesses to utilize. This means that they aren’t necessarily more in depth than residential cleaning services, they are just a better fit for the things you would find in a business over a home. Commercial cleaning handles different things than a residential cleaning, including commercial waste clean up, hazardous clean up, and heavy cleaning. This heavy cleaning doesn’t mean that it would be better suited for your home over regular residential cleaning, though. This heavy cleaning is specifically designed to clean business areas. Along with this, commercial cleaning specializes in cleaning machinery as well. Commercial cleaning also uses different products than a residential cleaning service would use, some that you definitely would not want to be used in your home. This includes industrial solvents and industrial strength chemicals used for specialized cleansing. Although these are safe to use in a commercial context, they wouldn’t work well on household items.

Residential cleaning focuses on being able to clean your home. This means that they are better equipped to do things such as mopping, dusting, and sweeping. They will use products that are specifically designed for cleaning the delicate areas of your home, not the harsh chemicals needed to clean industrial areas. If you are a homeowner, you should definitely stick to residential cleaning over commercial cleaning services. If you are a business owner, however, you must use commercial cleaning services, not residential! Residential cleaners will not be properly trained to clean industrial areas, making the area unsafe and unclean.

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